What Are Schengen Visa Requirements for France

Here are the Schengen visa requirements for France.

Home to world famous sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, most delectable macaroons and crème brûlées and host to major international events, France is one of the most visited country by tourists from all across the world. Domestic and international tourism contributed €198.3 billion to France’s GDP in 2016 alone, according to statistics released by Statista.

Filling up the France Schengen Visa Application Form is the first step of the visa application procedure. Along with this, a few mandatory documents are required to be submitted, without which the application would be incomplete.

Documents Required for Schengen Visa to France

  1. Visa Application Form:
    Make sure you fill the correct application form, since the forms for long stays and short stays are different. Also, provide accurate and complete information to avoid visa denial.
  2. Photographs:
    2 photos in passport format, according to Schengen visa specifications, need to be submitted along with all the documents. 
  3. A Valid Passport:
    Your passport should be issued within the last 10 years and have a validity of 3 months beyond you intended date of return. The passport must have two blank pages for the visa. 
  4. Travel Itinerary:
    This must include all that you are planning to do in France, along with details of how you are reaching the country. Supporting documents like round trip tickets or documents of a booked organized tour, etc., are required.
  5. Travel Visa Insurance:
    This must ensure that you have cover worth €30,000 across the entire Schengen area, including France.
  6. A Cover Letter:
    A cover letter mentioning all details of your visit, including purpose and duration of stay, is required.
  7. Proof of Financial Means:
    The French authorities require you to have sufficient finances equivalent to at least €120 per day through your stay in France. To prove your financial ability, you can submit recent bank statements, documents showing income from rented property, retirement benefit plans and other relevant documents.
  8. Accommodation Proof:
    You will be required to submit proof of where you will be staying in the country. This can include hotel reservations or documents of a rented place or certificate of title, if you own a house in France.
  9. Civil Status Proof:
    Your marriage certificate, birth certificate, or any other documents of civil status are mandatory. 

Visa Specific Requirements

  1. If your purpose of visiting France is solely due to change of transport for an onward journey to another country, you will require a valid visa and flight tickets of the destination country.
  2. For business travel, an invitation from the company you will be visiting, employer’s approval of your visit, documents of partnership, trade license, etc., are mandatory.
  3. If you are travelling for medical reasons, a letter from the French hospital you will be visiting, information on the type of therapy and the estimated time the treatment will take, medical reports from your home country and so on are required.

It is always advisable to check with your nearest France embassy/consulate regarding the latest visa policy and requirements, to ensure that you get the process right.

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