Switzerland Visa

Types of Visas to Switzerland

Did you know that in January 2019, Switzerland bagged the award for being the best country in the world in the annual Best Countries report and that too, for the third consecutive time, according to an article on The Local. What makes this country stand out from the rest is its cuisine, national hero, political setup, and, most [...]

Germany Visa

Types of German Visas

The tourist economy of Europe has experienced a massive boost due to Germany, which welcomes approximately 33 million visitors annually, according to an article on World Atlas. This figure highlights the interest of international travelers in the varied attractions that Germany readily offers. Metropolitan cities like Munich, [...]

UK Visa

What are the Types of UK Visas

Did you know, 7.8 million tourists visited the UK between January and March 2019? This is what statistics published by Visit Britain revealed. March alone saw 2.9 million visitors. The UK holds considerable importance in the world, in terms of culture, music, sports, economy, politics and more. Buckingham Palace, Windsor [...]


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