Eritrea Visit Visa – Application Process & Requirements

The culturally diverse and geographically intriguing nation of Eritrea is an adventure waiting to be explored.

But before you book your flight, you’ll need to sort out your Eritrean visit visa.

This guide aims to walk you through the application process and requirements, ensuring your journey to the Horn of Africa is as smooth as possible.

Who Needs a Visit Visa to Eritrea?

Nearly all foreign nationals, including citizens from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, need a visa to enter Eritrea.

Only Kenyan and Sudanese nationals are exempted.

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Visa Application Process

Applying for an Eritrean visit visa involves direct interaction with an Eritrean embassy or consulate, as there is no online or e-Visa option currently available.

Requirements for a Visit Visa

Here are the typical requirements for a visit visa:

  1. A passport with at least six months of validity beyond your planned departure from Eritrea.
  2. A completed and signed visa application form.
  3. Two recent passport-sized photos.
  4. A flight itinerary showing your planned entry and exit dates.
  5. Proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation, or a letter of invitation from an Eritrean resident.
  6. Proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Application Steps

  1. Prepare your Documents: Gather all necessary documents listed above.
  2. Submit your Application: Submit your application to the nearest Eritrean embassy or consulate. Some locations may accept mailed applications.
  3. Pay the Visa Fee: The visa fee can vary, so it’s best to contact the embassy or consulate for the most accurate information.
  4. Wait for your Visa: If approved, you will receive your visa. The processing time can differ, so it’s recommended to apply well in advance of your intended travel dates.


While obtaining a visit visa for Eritrea might take a bit more time due to the lack of an e-Visa system, the process is still straightforward with the right preparation.

For the most current visa requirements, be sure to check with the nearest Eritrean embassy or consulate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to get a visa on arrival in Eritrea?
No, Eritrea doesn’t offer visas on arrival. All visas must be obtained prior to travel.

2. Can I extend my stay in Eritrea?
It’s possible to apply for an extension of your visa through the immigration authorities in Eritrea.

3. How long is the Eritrean visit visa valid for?
A standard Eritrean visit visa is typically valid for 1-3 months.

Armed with this information, you’re one step closer to experiencing the hidden gems of Eritrea.

Safe travels!

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