What Are the Different Types of Visas to France


With 200 million international visitors each year, on an average, France is a blessing for the European travel industry! The capital city of Paris alone drew about $13 billion from tourist visits in 2016 alone, contributing to the tourism industry of Europe at large, according to Statista.  Although the heartbreaking Notre Dame fire, in early 2019, has had a significant impact on tourism, the other big attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre continued to see consistent tourist arrivals.

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In 2017, France issued a total of 31,61,274 uniform visas from all the visa applications received at French consulates and embassies around the world. Obtaining a French visa depends on the purpose of your visit to the country and your nationality. Many nationals are eligible to enter France visa-free. You can check whether your country is part of that list here.

For others, here’s a look at the types of visas you will need to choose from.

Types of French Visas under Short Stay

A Short Stay Visa is granted to all foreign nationals who wish to stay in France for not more than 90 days within a period of six months. 

  1. France Transit Visa:
    Valid for 24 hours only, this is given to those who wish to change their means of transport at a France airport, without entering French territory. 
  2. France Business Visa:
    Under this visa, you are permitted to conduct business activities, like attending conferences, conducting audits, attending training courses and so on. 
  3. France Tourist Visa:
    You are permitted to travel to France with a tourist visa for 90 days. This lets you engage in tourism and leisure in the country and other Schengen nations. 
  4. France Visitor Visa:
    If you are not a citizen of France or any other European nation, and wish to visit your relatives in France, you can apply for this visa. 
  5. France Short Stay Study Visa:
    If you are a student wanting to attend a language course, appear for an exam, attend a university interview and so on, you will be granted this visa. 
  6. European Travel Information and Authorization System:
    The implementation of this program starts in 2021. Under this, you can enter 26 Schengen Zones. The sole purpose of this system is to strengthen the European borders and protect it against terror attacks.

Types of French Visas under Long Stay 

The ‘D’ Visa or the National Visa allows foreign nationals to enter France and stay for up to one year. 

  1. France Family Visa:
    This is for anyone wanting to visit their family residing in France. 
  2. France Work Visa:
    You can remain in France with this visa for more than three months. 
  3. France Study Visas:
    Anyone who wishes to enter France to study is granted this visa. 
  4. France Work Holiday Visa:
    This is granted to young nationals of 13 countries, who wish to participate in the France Holiday Program. This allows them to experience the culture and history of the nation, while also earning.
  5. France Passport Talent:
    This is for foreign nationals who wish to enter France to engage in paid activities, under the global talent program. 

Once you are certain of the type of visa that best suits the purpose of your visit, you are ready to start with the application procedure.

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