Iceland Visa
Iceland Visa

How to Apply for Iceland Visit Visa

Here's how to apply for a visa to Iceland.

The tourism industry in Iceland is predicted to achieve a turnover of about €7.02 billion by 2030. The industry is also responsible for providing employment to about 10% of all working Icelanders, according to the Tourism Task Force data provided in an article by Kjarninn. This makes tourism immensely important for the nation’s economy. Of course, there are multiple reasons for tourists to visit Iceland too. The nation is known for its unique natural wonders. 

What is an Iceland Visa?

To travel to this extraordinary country, you need to apply for an Iceland Schengen visa. An Iceland Schengen visa is generally a stamp or sticker that is affixed on your passport. A Schengen visa is a temporary visa that allows you to travel to any of the 26 countries bound by the Schengen agreement, including Iceland. The visa allows you to travel to Iceland for the purposes of tourism, business, education, medical treatment, etc., for a duration of 90 days within a six-month period. 

There are various types of visas to choose from, depending on the nature and purpose of your visit:

Transit Visa

A transit visa is issued to those traveling through Iceland for the purpose of changing their means of transportation. This visa is valid for a period of 24 hours. 

Tourism Visa

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A tourism visa is suitable if you wish to travel to Iceland for the purposes of leisure and sightseeing. 

Business Visa

This visa is issued to those traveling to Iceland for business-related activities, such as conferences, meetings, training courses, etc.

Medical Visa

If you want to travel to Iceland for medical treatment, then you should apply under this category of visa.

Study Visa

This visa is issued to those traveling to Iceland for an educational course of a duration less than three months.

Visa for Visiting Friends and Family

You can apply under this category if you wish to visit your friends or family living in Iceland.

Visa for Official Visits

This visa is issued to those traveling to Iceland as part of an official delegation.

How to Apply for an Iceland Visa?

To get a visa for Iceland, the first step is to fill the Schengen Application Form. After this, you will need to submit the form and all the necessary documents at the Icelandic embassy in your home country. The next step is to p ay the visa fee, while the last step is to book an appointment for the visa interview and attend it. 

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How Long Does It Take to Get an Iceland Visa?

It can take around 10-15 days from the date the embassy receives the visa application for it to be processed. However, the time could vary, depending on how busy the embassy is. For instance, it could take longer during the peak tourist season.

For further information, it is best to contact the Icelandic embassy in your home country.

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