When will International Travel Start?

International travellers are in a dilemma right now.

As most flights have paused operations and countries closed, international travel is pretty much zero. But there’s hope.

More and more countries are either opening up or considering to open up their air spaces to international travel as we speak.

Europe for example have decided to open up their air spaces to most countries (except a few fifteen including USA, India and Brazil).

Some south Asian countries that relied pretty much on tourism for their economy too have decided to open up their air spaces to flights.

There might be a lot of regulations in place though.

Like social distancing norms and protective barriers in the airport and among travellers.

How much of this will convert to business, we do not know. Heck, nobody knows if it will be a successful, long term strategy as well.

However, it is a welcome change that more and more companies are opening up to the idea of welcoming international travellers.

We’re hoping that we’ll have some good news soon.

But as of now, like everyone else, we’re on a wait and watch mode.

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