EU Blue Card in Poland – Requirements and Eligibility

The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly skilled non-EU/EEA nationals wishing to live and work in Poland, as well as other EU member states.

It’s designed to make Europe a more attractive destination for professionals from outside the European Union.

This guide outlines the requirements and eligibility criteria for obtaining an EU Blue Card in Poland, providing a pathway for skilled professionals to engage in highly qualified employment.

Overview of the EU Blue Card in Poland

The EU Blue Card in Poland is targeted at highly educated or highly skilled non-EU/EEA nationals seeking to work in a professional, technical, or managerial capacity.

The card provides several benefits, including the possibility of permanent residency after a certain period and easier mobility within the EU.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an EU Blue Card in Poland, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of countries outside the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland.
  • Higher Education Qualification: Possess a higher education degree (at least a three-year professional degree) relevant to the job offer.
  • Valid Job Offer or Contract: Have a binding job offer or work contract for highly qualified employment in Poland for at least one year.
  • Minimum Salary Requirement: The offered salary must be at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary in Poland for the specific job sector.

Application Process

  1. Secure a Job Offer: Obtain a job offer or contract from a Polish employer that meets the Blue Card criteria, including the minimum salary threshold.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare the necessary documentation, including your passport, diploma or degree certificate, job contract, and proof of health insurance.
  3. Submission of Application: The application for an EU Blue Card can be submitted either while the applicant is abroad (at a Polish consulate or embassy) or already in Poland, provided the applicant legally resides in Poland at the time of application.
  4. Payment of Fees: Pay the application fee, which varies depending on where the application is submitted.
  5. Wait for Processing: The processing time can vary, but applications are typically processed within 90 days.

Required Documents

  • Completed application form.
  • Passport (valid for at least 15 months from the date of application).
  • Higher education diploma or degree certificate (with translation if not in Polish).
  • Job offer or work contract in Poland that meets the minimum salary requirement and is for at least one year.
  • Proof of health insurance or entitlement to healthcare services.
  • Proof of accommodation in Poland.

Benefits of the EU Blue Card

  • Residence and Work Permit: The EU Blue Card serves as both a residence and work permit, allowing holders to live and work in Poland.
  • Family Reunification: Blue Card holders can bring their family members to Poland.
  • Long-term EU Residence: After five years of continuous legal residence in the EU with the Blue Card, holders may apply for long-term EU resident status.
  • Mobility within the EU: After 18 months of holding a Blue Card in Poland, you may move to another EU member state to take up highly qualified employment.


The EU Blue Card provides a valuable opportunity for highly skilled non-EU nationals to pursue their careers in Poland, offering a clear path to long-term residence and integration into the European labour market.

By meeting the eligibility criteria and successfully navigating the application process, skilled professionals can leverage the benefits of working and living in Poland and the wider European Union.

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