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Russia Visa
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What Are the Types of Russian Visas

Here are the different types of Russian visas available.

From the magnificent mountains of the Northern Caucasus to the famous Lake Baikal, known as the Blue Eye of Siberia, to the trans-Siberian rail network, Russia is a rich land for tourists. The communist murals and the historic churches for the history buffs, the trans-Siberian rail network for the rail romantics and Russia’s unique flora and fauna for the nature lovers, Russia is sure to fulfill all your sightseeing desires.

To visit this huge nation, applying for a Russian visa is the first step, which can be done by filling in the Russian Visa Application Form.

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Types of Russian Visas

While applying for a Russian visa one of the first things to consider is the type of visa you need to apply for. Here’s a look at the various visa types and the purpose of visit they are meant for:

Russian Tourist Visa

This type of visa is for those who wish to travel to Russia for tourism purposes. The tourism visa is issued for a maximum period of 30 days and can be single entry or double entry visa. A tourist visa is generally issued within ten working days and costs about €100-€150. This visa can be extended in serious cases, such as severe illness.

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Also, buying travel medical insurance is highly recommended. It will protect you against unfortunate events such as flight cancellations and cover you for medical expenses while on the trip. Check out popular insurance plans like these and get one that suits you.

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Russian Business Visa

This type of visa is for those who wish to travel to Russia for business purposes. A business visa allows an individual single, double or multiple entries and can be valid for a period of one month up to twelve months. But each stay should not exceed 90 days within each period of 180 days.

Russian Student Visa

This type of visa is issued for students, who wish to come to Russia for educational purposes. This kind of visa is issued if you have applied to a Russian university or institution and have been accepted as a student there. The student visa can be single entry or double entry. The duration of a student visa can vary from three months to twelve months.

Russian Transit Visa

This type of visa is issued for those who wish to travel through Russia to another country, without staying in Russia. Transit visas can be single entry or double entry and are issued for a maximum of 72 hours in case of air travel and 10 days, if traveling by car.

Russian Private Visa

This type of visa is issued to those who are invited by their friends or relatives living in Russia. A private visa can be single or double entry and is issued for a maximum period of 90 days. Private visas can be difficult and time consuming to obtain and the document processing can take up to four months.

Russian Work Visa

A work visa is issued to foreign nationals employed by Russian companies. This type of visa can be single entry or multiple entry and is valid for three months to one year.

Once you are certain about the type of visa suitable for your visit, you can move forward with the visa application process.

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