Singapore Visit Visa – Documents Required

From the culinary delights of little India and Chinatown to the rich religious architecture of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Chettiar Hindu Temple, Singapore has much more to offer visitors than you might have ever thought. According to the Department of Statistics, Singapore, the island nation attracted 18.5 million visitors in 2018, an increase of 6.2% from 2017.

The most important part of traveling to this country is applying for a Singapore visit visa. The first step in this process is to fill Form 14A. Along with this, you will also need to submit certain essential documents, without which your application would be incomplete. 

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Documents Required for Visa Application

Let’s take a look.

Completed Application Form

The first step in applying for a visit visa is to fill Form 14A with complete and accurate information and sign it with the same signature as that in your passport. You can download this for or pick it up from one of the Singapore Visa Application Centers. 


An A4 sized photocopy of your passport’s first page, last page and any observation page. The passport must be valid for at least six months after your intended departure from Singapore.


Two passport-size photographs, taken within the last three months. The photograph should be in color, against a white background. Your full face and upper shoulders must be visible in the photograph. You must not be wearing any spectacles, and if wearing lenses, there should not be any glare. 

Financial Documents

You need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the entire duration of stay in Singapore. Documents, such as your pay slips for the last three months and bank statements, can be used for this purpose.

Travel Itinerary

An A4-size photocopy of your travel tickets, hotel bookings and details of all the places you plant to visit during your stay in Singapore. You also need to specify whether you are applying for a double entry or multiple entry visa. 

Letter of Introduction (LOI)

A Letter of Introduction in pdf format from a local company in Singapore must be attached, in case you are visiting the nation state for business purposes. In case of Level 2 Countries, an LOI or an official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required.

Invitation Letter

If you have been invited to Singapore by your friends or relatives, you will need to provide a letter from them, inviting you to stay with them in Singapore. The letter should contain the personal details and contact information of the person inviting you. The letter should also state that the person inviting you will take care of all your needs during your stay in Singapore.

Yellow Fever Certification

Those traveling to Singapore from a country with a risk of Yellow Fever are required to produce proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

Local Contact Details

A local telephone or mobile number, through which you can be contacted on approval of your visa application.

The application for a Singapore visit visa generally takes about 5 working days to be processed, although could get delayed, if additional processing is required.

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