Should I Book Tickets Before Visa [ANSWERED]

Should I Book Tickets Before Getting My Visa? Tips from a Seasoned Traveler

Hey, globe-trotters! 🌎✈️ So you’re itching to set off on your next adventure, but there’s that age-old dilemma: book the ticket or wait for the visa?

\I’ve been in those shoes, looked at those flashing promo fares, and thought, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?”

Let’s break this puzzle down together.

First things first: Should you book your flight before getting your visa?

The short answer: It’s risky. But let’s dive into the deets.

The Safe Play: Visa First

In my countless visa applications, embassies often want to know your travel plans, but they don’t always require a confirmed ticket.

What they’re mostly after is proof of your intention to return. Booking a ticket doesn’t guarantee a visa, and if you don’t get the visa, well, you’re stuck with a ticket to nowhere.

The Flight Reservation Trick

Here’s a golden nugget from my travel trove: flight reservations. Many airlines and travel agencies can reserve a seat for you without payment, or for a small fee.

This way, you have a “booking” to show the consulate without fully committing your dollars.

Points to Ponder:

  • Refundable Tickets:
    If you’re super keen on booking, opt for refundable tickets. They’re pricier, but you can get your money back if plans go south.
  • Visa Processing Times:
    Sometimes, I’ve had visas approved in a jiffy. Other times, it’s like waiting for a watched pot to boil. If you’re considering booking, check average visa processing times and factor in some buffer.
  • Consult the Consulate:
    Before my trip to Brazil, I straight-up asked the consulate about ticket requirements. Sometimes, it’s best to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

Hungry for more visa tips? Dive into my visa chronicles.

In the grand tapestry of travel, visa hiccups are like those tiny knots that you sometimes have to deal with.

But remember, it’s the journey and the stories that count.

Whether you book first or get the visa first, always keep your wanderlust alive.

Here’s to your next chapter of adventures! 🌍🍹🌅

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