How to Fill the France Schengen Visa Application Form from India

Did you know that the name “France” comes from the word “Frank,” which mean free? France is the largest country of the European Union, with vineyards that produce approximately 50 billion hectoliters of wine each year. But this isn’t all that makes this country such a popular tourist destination, visited by a record breaking 87 million international travelers in 2017 alone, according to article on Campus France.

If you wish to check out why France is so popular for yourself, you first need to get a visa, for which you need to fill the France Schengen Visa Application Form.

Before Filling the Form

Before filling in the form, keep these few things in mind:

  • Either use an original form or a download of the form 
  • Fill in the form in a legible manner
  • Do not forget to put in your signature, as it appears on your passport
  • All addresses in France must include the house number, street name and the postal code. 
  • Do not use outdated forms with the reference number cerfa No. -12160*01

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How to Fill France Schengen Visa Form Correctly

  1. Surname:
    This should be the same as the surname mentioned on your passport. Make sure to include hyphens, if any.
  2. Birth Name:
    This is meant for women who might have changed their surname after marriage. Mention your original surname here.
  3. First Name:
    This is your legal name, as per your passport. 
  4. DOB:
    This must be filled in the order DD-MM-YYYY and must be same as the date on your passport.
  5. Home Country:
    Mention the name of the country you were born in. 
  6. Current Nationality:
    Write the name of the country where you reside currently.
  7. National Identity Number:
    Mention any such number you might have.
  8. Travel Document Type:
    This refers to your passport, residential permits, etc., and any other document that proves your nationality. 
  9. Issued By:
    Mention the organization and the place where your passport was issued.  
  10. Current Occupation:
    This is your present occupation, as mentioned in your passport. 
  11. Employer or Educational Institution:
    Mention the name, address and contact details of your institution. If it is an office, mention public, academic or private. 
  12. Destination Member State:
    Fill in the name of the country where you will be staying the longest, France in this case.
  13. Arrival Date:
    The date when you enter France.
  14. Departure Date:
    The date when you exit France.
  15. Signature:
    Make sure your signature matches the one on your passport. If you can’t sign, put a cross. 

Can the Visa Application be filled by Hand?

Yes, you can either download the form and fill by hand or fill it online, submit and take a printout. Both modes are accepted at the French Consulate.

Before applying for a France Schengen Visa, determine which visa category will suit the purpose of your visit the best. This way, chances of your application getting rejected get reduced to some extent.

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