How to Fill Up Schengen Visa Application Form


Did you know that 7 out of 10 most visited countries in the world are in Europe? More than 58% of the total overnight stays by international tourists were in the Schengen countries of Spain, Italy, France and the UK in 2017, according to an article by Eurostat. Europe has consistently proven to be the most popular destination among tourists, particularly evident through the massive 590 million people it attracted in 2016. Among the Schengen countries, France is on the top in terms of popularity, with 82.6 million visitors in the same year!

The first step to visiting any Schengen country is filling up the official Schengen Visa Application Form. You can either fill it online directly or download and fill it by hand and submit it along with the other documents required for the Schengen Visa interview process.

Can Schengen Visa Get Rejected?

Although the form might look simple enough, Schengen member countries, like France, Spain, Germany, etc., reject visa applications if there is even a slight issue with the form. To be precise, France and Spain rejected 13.6% and 8.2% of their applicants, respectively, in 2017! So, make sure you provide accurate and complete information in the form.

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How to Accurately Fill Schengen Visa Form

Here are a few important and tricky parts of the form and how to go about filling them correctly. 

  1. Surname:
    Mention the surname as per your passport and include hyphens, if any.
  2. Maiden Name:
    This is your original surname at birth. If you have changed your surname after marriage, you will need to put in your initial surname here and not your current one. 
  3. First Name:
    This is your legal name, as per your passport. 
  4. DOB:
    Fill this in the DD-MM-YYYY order.
  5. Birthplace:
    Enter your home country, where you were born. 
  6. Nationality (Current):
    Write the name of the country where you reside currently.
  7. National Identity Number:
    Mention this, if you have any as per your country rules and regulations. 
  8. Travel Document Type:
    This refers to your passport, residential permits, etc., and any other document that you will be producing to prove your nationality.
  9. Issued By:
    This is the name of authority and place where the passport has been issued. 
  10. Current Occupation:
    Mention your occupation, as mentioned in your passport. 
  11. Employer or Educational Institution:
    Mention the name, address and contact details of your institution. If it is an office, mention whether it is public, academic or private. 
  12. Destination Member State:
    This will be the country in which you will be staying the longest during your visit.
  13. Arrival Date:
    The date when you enter the first Schengen country. 
  14. Departure Date:
    The date when you exit the last Schengen country.
  15. Signature:
    Sign the form and make sure it exactly matches your signature on the passport. 

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What is the Cost of Schengen Visa

At present, the Uniform Schengen Visa fee is €60 per applicant. However, depending on your category and age, you might be exempt or have to pay a reduced fee. It is best to check the amount just before you pay to ensure that you are paying the right amount.

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