Where Are The Best Restaurants in Paris

Alright, fellow gastronomes and food enthusiasts, prepare your taste buds for a whirlwind tour of the Parisian culinary scene.

We’re going to delve into a city that takes its food as seriously as its fashion. You thought your mom’s pot roast was the best thing since sliced bread?

Well, Paris is about to blow your mind and possibly widen your waistline (but hey, totally worth it).

1. The Fancy-Pants of Paris: Le Meurice

First off, for those of you with some extra cash lying around and a desire to spoil your palate rotten, make your way to Le Meurice.

This is Alain Ducasse we’re talking about here, the heavyweight champ of the French culinary scene. Dining here is like taking a master class in opulence.

Gilded Louis XVI furniture, hand-painted ceiling, views of the Tuileries Garden, and food that’s practically an art form—it’s a full-on sensory overload.

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2. The Charmer: Chez L’Ami Jean

Next, for something a little more down-to-earth but still undeniably Parisian, there’s Chez L’Ami Jean.

Think of it as that charming, ruggedly handsome guy at the bar who’s all about the classics. You’ve got your Basque dishes, your hearty stews, and that rice pudding that’s borderline life-changing.

It’s honest, it’s hearty, it’s downright divine.

3. The New Kid on the Block: Septime

Looking for something a bit more modern? Check out Septime. It’s one of the top 50 restaurants in the world and the place to be if you’re after something new and exciting.

The menu changes faster than a Parisian changes outfits, and the food? It’s inventive, it’s refreshing, it’s the culinary equivalent of a mic drop.

4. The Class Act: Le Comptoir du Relais

For those seeking a more classic, brasserie-style experience, make a beeline for Le Comptoir du Relais. This place has all the Parisian charm you could ask for.

And the food?

It’s the stuff of Parisian dreams: foie gras, escargots, boeuf bourguignon—it’s like a greatest hits album of French cuisine.

5. The Starry Eyed: L’Astrance

Finally, for a meal that’s nothing short of a culinary adventure, head to L’Astrance. This place is like a culinary unicorn – incredibly hard to book, but so damn magical when you finally get there.

They don’t even have a menu. Instead, you place your trust in the genius of Chef Pascal Barbot, and believe me, you won’t regret it. It’s like a rollercoaster ride for your taste buds.

Listen up, Paris isn’t a city that half-asses anything, least of all its food.

So whether you’re splashing out on a meal that’s more expensive than your flight over here, or sinking your teeth into a hearty plate of something rich and saucy at a local bistro, you’re in for an experience that’ll change the way you look at food.

So dig in, eat your heart out, and remember—calories don’t count in Paris.

Where Can Visitors Get the Best Food in Paris?

Alright, my American traveler friends, fasten your seat belts, because I’m about to take you on a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds.

Yes, we’re talking about where you can find the best food in Paris.

  • Latin Quarter (5th Arrondissement):
    This area has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries, and that’s reflected in the food. You’ll find everything from traditional French bistros to Greek, Middle Eastern, and Asian eateries. Don’t miss out on the iconic Rue Mouffetard market street for some delectable street food.
  • Le Marais (3rd and 4th Arrondissement):
    This historic district is a food lover’s paradise. If you’re into pastries and sweets, this is your place. Check out L’Eclair de Génie for the best éclairs you’ll ever taste. And if you’re craving falafel, L’As du Fallafel is an absolute must.
  • Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6th Arrondissement):
    This neighborhood boasts a variety of high-end restaurants and patisseries. Cafe de Flore and Les Deux Magots are two iconic cafes you should visit. And make sure to check out Pierre Hermé for a macaron experience that will blow your mind.
  • Montmartre (18th Arrondissement):
    Known for its bohemian atmosphere, Montmartre is teeming with quaint cafes and bistros. Le Refuge des Fondus is an excellent choice for a unique fondue experience. And to satisfy your sweet tooth, make a beeline for Pain Pain bakery.
  • The Eiffel Tower Area (7th Arrondissement):
    When it comes to high-end dining, the area around the Eiffel Tower doesn’t disappoint. Check out Le Jules Verne, an Alain Ducasse restaurant located on the Eiffel Tower itself. For an authentic French bistro experience, head to Chez L’Ami Jean.
  • Canal Saint-Martin (10th Arrondissement):
    This hip neighborhood is known for its trendy food scene. Pop into Du Pain et des Idées for some of the city’s best bread and pastries. And check out Chez Prune for a classic Parisian café experience.

The key takeaway here?

Paris is a vast culinary playground. Regardless of your food preferences or budget, the City of Lights has something for you.

Remember, eating in Paris is an experience to savor, not rush. So, take your time, savor each bite, and let the city’s culinary prowess take over. Bon Appétit!

To learn more about dining in Paris, check out my detailed guide on the best places to visit in Paris.

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What type of food is Paris famous for?

Paris is renowned for its gastronomy, featuring iconic dishes like Escargot, Coq au Vin, Ratatouille, Quiche, Croissants, and Crème Brûlée.

Is Paris suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

While Paris is known for its love of meat and dairy, an increasing number of vegetarian and vegan options are cropping up around the city.

Are Parisian restaurants expensive?

The cost can vary widely depending on the establishment. Paris has a range of eateries, from affordable bistros and cafés to Michelin-starred restaurants where the bill can run into hundreds of euros.

Is it necessary to tip at restaurants in Paris?

Service charge is included in the bill at French restaurants. However, it’s customary to leave some small change if you’ve enjoyed the service.

Do Parisian restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, many restaurants in Paris can cater to dietary restrictions. It’s always best to communicate your needs clearly to the restaurant staff.

What’s the dining etiquette in Parisian restaurants?

French dining etiquette prioritizes enjoying the meal over rushing it. Meals are usually leisurely affairs, and it’s considered rude to rush your dining experience.

Do I need to make a reservation at restaurants in Paris?

For popular and high-end restaurants, it’s strongly recommended to make a reservation. Some places might not accept walk-ins, especially during busy periods.

What is the average cost of a meal in Paris?

The cost varies widely. For a meal in a reasonably-priced restaurant, expect to pay around €15-€25. At a high-end restaurant, the price can easily exceed €100 per person.

What are the working hours of restaurants in Paris?

Most restaurants in Paris open for lunch around noon and dinner from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. However, hours can vary, so it’s best to check the specific restaurant.

Is street food popular in Paris?

While Paris is more famous for its sit-down eateries, you can find excellent street food, particularly crepes, baguette sandwiches, and falafel in areas like the Latin Quarter and Le Marais.

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