What Are Schengen Visa Requirements for Indians

Over 10 million Indians travel to Europe each year, of which Switzerland alone attracted a quarter of a million in 2017. This represented a 24% hike from the previous year. Also, the nation is looking forward to welcoming nearly one million Indian visitors by 2020, says an article on Times Travel.  Switzerland boasts the highest number of peaks over 4,000 meters in Europe, a stable democracy, a few of the world’s best slopes, world famous Swiss chocolates and watches and much more. No wonder, this nation holds such allure for Indians.

Do Indians Need a Uniform Schengen Visa?

To visit Switzerland and any other nation within the Schengen zone, Indians require a Schengen Visa. Recent statistics reveal that close to a million Schengen visas were applied for by Indian in 2017. The earliest you can apply for a visa is 3 months prior to the date of your travel, while the minimum duration is 15 days before your intended date of travel.

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Schengen Visa Requirements for Indians

To obtain a visa, you need to submit some mandatory documents to support your Schengen visa application. These include:

  1. Visa Application Form:
    Any misrepresentation of data on the Schengen Visa Application Form will result in visa refusal. To fill the form, you need to a few things handy. These include your nationality identity number, length of stay, departure and arrival dates, passport details, address in the Schengen area, to name a few. 
  2.  Photograph:
    2 passport sized photographs in dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, with a matt finish and against a white background.
  3. A Valid Indian Passport:
    An original passport, valid for six months from the date of your arrival, along with all old passports, if any. 
  4. Legal Indian Residence Proof:
    This should be in the form of a national ID card or residence permit.
  5. Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa in India:
    Travel medical insurance with cover of at least €30,000, valid all across the Schengen area. This must cover medical evacuation or repatriation as well. 
  6. Flight Itinerary from India to Europe and Vice Versa:
    This must include all dates of travel and flight numbers, specifying the entry and exit from particular Schengen countries.
  7. Accommodation Proof:
    This should include the address proof of your accommodation in the Schengen area, whether it is the address of a hotel or residence of friends or family.
  8. Proof of Civil Status:
    This would include your marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, death certificates of spouse, etc.
  9. Financial Proof:
    Bank statements, credit card, cash, travelers cheques and so on must be produced to indicate that you are capable of financing your entire travels in the Schengen area.

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Post Visa Submission Process 

In case you apply for a visa in a member state, which is incapable of taking decisions regarding the visa application, your application will be returned to you and your visa fee will be reimbursed. They will also guide you on which consulate you should be applying to next.
In case your visa is rejected, you can file an appeal.Of course, with complete and accurate information and all the supporting documents, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get ready to fly off to the Alps soon.

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