Spain Visit Visa – Who is Eligible, Requirements

The Spanish tourism industry continues to grow each year, with the country attracting almost 81.9 million tourists in 2017 alone. The tourism industry is also a major contributor to the national GDP of the country, contributing about 11% to the GDP of Spain. Destinations such as the Palacio Real in Madrid, the Alcacer Castle in Sevilla, the Gothic quarters of Barcelona, and the Balearic Island of Ibiza are some of Spain’s top tourist attractions. The best time to visit Spain is July to August, when the weather is pleasant, and popular festivals, such as La Tomatina, take place.

The first step in planning a visit to Spain is to apply for a Schengen Visa. This visa is not specific to Spain. It allows you entry into all member states of the Schengen Area. The application form can either be filled and submitted online or downloaded and filled by hand and then submitted to the nearest consulate/embassy.

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Eligibility & Requirements for Spanish Visa

  1. In case of a Spain tourist visa, copies of your passport, bank statement for the last six months as well as an invitation letter from your family or friends in Spain (if applicable) would be required.
  2. For a Spain business visa, an invitation letter from the Spanish company you will be visiting, the company’s address, as well as your dates of visit, would be required. A certificate from your employer detailing your business travel and your bank statements for the last six months would also be needed.
  3. In case of a Spanish medical visa, you would require a local medical report, payment receipt of the medical fees and documents from a hospital in Spain, confirming the details of your visit as well as your medical condition, treatment and expected costs.
  4. For members of official delegations, a copy of the official invitation and general details of the journey, such as the identity of the applicant, the purpose and duration of the stay, place of accommodation, etc., would be required.
  5. For an education visa for Spain, the enrollment certificate of the individual in a recognized educational institution in the country, certificate of completion of a previous degree or high school course, and proof of financial ability would be required.
  6. In case of a Spain visa for the spouse of a Spanish citizen, proof of Spanish citizenship and a marriage certificate would be required.
  7. In case of a Spanish transit visa, an entry permit in the transit country, proof of travel arrangements, and a valid visa for your final destination would be required.
  8. For a Spain visa for under-age children, parental travel consent and proof of parent’s regular income would be required.

The Schengen visa is a short-term visa that allows you to stay for up to 90 days in the Schengen zone. However, if you plan on staying in Spain for a period greater than 90 days, you will need to apply for the national visa of Spain. Travel insurance of a minimum of €30,000 and proof of sufficient financial means would also be required for anyone applying for a Spanish visa.

For more details regarding the visa process, it is best to contact the Spanish embassy in your home country.

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