Sample Invitation Letter for US Visitor Visa

Extending from California in the west to New York in the east, the United States is a land of great diversity and beauty. The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and the beaches of Miami and Hawaii all go to make up this huge land, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The process of visiting this beautiful country begins with applying for a visitor visa for citizens of countries that don’t belong to the US Visitor Visa program. The visitor visa is a short-term visa, issued to a person for the purposes of traveling to the United States for tourism, business, or a combination of the two, as well as for medical treatment.

The first step in applying for a visa is to fill and submit the non-immigration visa application form, DS-160. Along with the form, you will also need to submit come essential documents. Among these is an invitation letter to visit the US, which is a mandatory document for those who will be staying with a friend or family member in America. 

Invitation Letter for US Visit Visa

If you are traveling to the United States for the purposes of visiting your friends and/or family, or to attend an event, you will need to submit an invitation letter or proof of the event. The letter of invitation needs to be written by your friend or family member, who is a citizen or green card holder of the US, confirming that they will provide you accommodation and support you financially for the entire duration of your stay in the country. 

Remember, your sponsor will need to send this letter to you, so that you can attach it, along with other proofs they send of their identity, resident status in the US and financial documents.

The invitation letter should be professional in nature and not a personal document. The letter should have a detailed description of the purpose of your visit, as well as the places you intend to visit during your stay in America. The letter also need to mention all travel and accommodation arrangements that have been made by the person sponsoring your visit. 

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Sample Invitation Letter for US Visa

[Sponsor’s name][Date][Full US address, including postal code]

Phone Numbers:

(Work): [(xxx) xxx – xxxx]

(Home): [(xxx) xxx – xxxx]

Email: [email address]


[Visitor’s name][Visitor’s address]

Dear [Visitor’s Name],

As per our earlier discussions, I am inviting you to spend your vacations with me and my family in the United States. We plan on visiting some of the famous sights in America during your stay, such as the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. It will also be a great opportunity for you to experience the American way of living.

I would also like to inform you that I will be taking care of all your expenses for your duration of stay in the United States, including transportation, accommodation, food, medical insurance and all other personal expenses. 

Herewith, I am sending all the mandatory documents for getting the necessary tourist visa from the US consulate, [Name of US consulate].


[Sponsor’s signature][Sponsor’s name]

The letter of invitation by no means guarantees visa approval. It is a mandatory document if you will be staying at someone’s residence, rather than a hotel. Also, since the invitation letter is an official document, make sure it is written in a clear and large font.

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