How’s the US Visitor Visa Interview Process

The United States has so many unique experiences to offer, from the famous beaches of Malibu and Hawaii to the geological wonder, the Grand Canyon. Apart from its spectacular landscapes, America is also home to many world-famous festivals, such as those in New Orleans, the famous casinos of Las Vegas, and the skyscrapers of New York City. With so much to offer, the US attracted almost 79 million tourists in 2018, generating almost $1.1 trillion in Gross Domestic Product, according to figures published by Statista. 

If you are traveling to the US, you will need to start  by filling and submitting the non-immigration visa application form, DS-160. Along with this, there are various documents to be submitted and the visa fee to be paid.

Once all this is done, the next step is to schedule an appointment for your biometric readings and another one for the visa interview. Are you worried about how you will perform at this interview? What you should know is that the interview is held for the consular officers to determine your eligibility to enter the US and to ensure that you intend to return to your home country before your visa expires. 

So, the key is to provide accurate information, not have any malintent for your visit and check out these tips on how to succeed in the visitor visa interview.

Arrive Early

There can be nothing worse than you preparing hard for your visa interview and reaching late because of traffic. Tardiness can not just create a bad impression, it could convey that you are irresponsible and even lead to you missing the interview. 

Be Honest

The consular officers are trained professionals and are very experienced at their job. They can detect any ill-intentions or dishonesty in your answers. It is always better to be truthful about any answers you may not be sure about, rather than making them up, which might have a negative impact on your probability of getting a visa.

Dress Formally

Making a good first impression is of utmost importance, and the way you dress will always be the first thing seen by the interviewer. Always wear formal clothes for the interview, as if you are dressing for a business meeting. For men, it is advisable to wear a suit and tie to the interview. 

Be Confident and Prepared

To confidently, it is best to prepare answers to the most commonly asked questions beforehand. In addition, your eye contact and posture, as well as hand gestures, could give away anxiety and nervousness. So, be conscious to make good eye contact and sit straight, without fidgeting. Greet the officer with a smile at the beginning of the interview process. Make sure your answers are concise, without meandering around the main point.

Have Your Documents Ready

Bring all the documents you’ve submitted, along with any supporting documents that could strengthen your case. You never know when they might ask to see some proof. It helps to present a document supporting your answer, for each question put forward by the interviewer.

Be Polite

In life and in this interview, be polite and courteous. Avoid arguing or asking unnecessary questions, since it may not work out in your favor.

As long as you are prepared and confident, answering questions honestly, there is no reason why your visa should be denied.

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