Commonly Asked US Visit Visa Interview Questions

The third largest country in the world is also the third most popular destination for tourists from around the globe, with the United States welcoming close to 77 million tourists in 2018, according to an article on Earth & World. From natural spectacles such as the Niagara Falls and Mendenhall Glacier to the home of jazz in New Orleans, America is a destination that is equally appealing to the intrepid travelers as it is to those seeking a peaceful family vacation.

To travel to the US, unless you belong to a nation that is part of the US Visa Waiver Program, you will need to apply for a visitor visa. And, the first step in this process is filling up the non-immigration visa application form, DS-160. Once you have submitted the form, the mandatory supporting documents and paid the visa fee, it is time to book the visa interview appointment at the US consulate closest to you. 

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Worried about what they might ask you at the interview? Don’t be. The main objective of the visa interview is to ascertain that you have no malintent and that you are eligible to visit the US. If you are still nervous, here are some of the most commonly asked questions during the interview.

What is your purpose of traveling to the United States?

This is generally the first question in the interview. You should explain why you want to visit America honestly. Provide any supporting documents that can prove the purpose of your visit, such as meeting confirmation for a business deal, appointment for medical treatment, or invitation letter from a friend or relative. If you are traveling for tourism, you can produce your itinerary and mention why you wish to see each destination on your list. 

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How long do you intend to stay? Can stay for a shorter duration?

This question is generally asked of people who have applied for a visa for a duration longer than 6 months. For the approval of such a visa, you must have strong reasons supporting your answers. You must give comprehensive answers, based on your itinerary in the United States.

What is your occupation and how much do you earn?

This question is asked to confirm that you have a steady job in your home country and will be able to finance your stay in the US. For this question, provide detail of your job, as well as your workplace. If you are self-employed, talk about your business. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Mention how much you earn and provide documents supporting your claims, such as employment certificate, pay slips for the last three months and bank statements.

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How long have your relatives been living in the US and what is their occupation? (If you have relatives in the US)

With this question, the consular officer wants to verify information about the people you will be visiting in the US. It is advisable to find out the complete address, occupation and other details, such as children and so on, before coming to the interview. The consular officer will be able to verify all the information you provide, so don’t lie.

How can we be certain that you will return to your home country?

You need to prove that you have strong social, emotional and economic ties to your home country that will compel you to return at the end of your trip.

As long as you answer confidently and honestly, there is no reason why the visa interview shouldn’t go in your favor.

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