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Canadian Visit Visa Fees and Cost

Here's how much a Canadian visit visa will cost you.

A record breaking 21.13 million international citizens visited Canada in 2018, an increase from 20.8 million in 2017, according to an article by Destination Canada. Each year tourist visit to the country contribute approximately $102.5 billion to the economy! In fact, 2018 was the fifth consecutive year of a consistent increase in arrivals to the country. New flight routes and changes in the Canadian visa helped push the numbers up.

Planning to visit this unique nation begins with filling up the Canadian Visa Application Form online. For this, you need to create an account, through which all the formalities can be completed. You can also submit the form in person at the Canadian embassy in your home country. Most travelers entering Canada require a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. The visa lets you stay for a period of up to six months. 

What’s the Cost & Fees of Canadian Visa

Along with the visa fee, you also need to pay a processing fee. This is basically the Embassy Fees for Canada. The amount is determined by the type of visa you are applying for: 

  • Temporary Residence Fee
  • Permanent Residence Fee
  • Family Sponsorship Fee
  • Citizenship Fee
  • Service Fee

Here’s a look at the various visa fees for temporary residence for international travelers to Canada: 

Canada Visitor Visa Fees

Type of FeeC$
Visitor Visa Application Fee (including Super Visa)100
Visitor Visa Application Fees for 5 people500
Visa Extension Fee100
Restore status as a visitor200

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive

Plan max limits $50,000 to $1 Million

Deductible options from $0 to $5000

Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits

1 Episode of Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions

Coverage from 5 days to 2 years

Canadian Visa – Electronic Travel Authorization Fees

Type of FeeC$
Application Fee7

Canadian Visa – Work Permit Fees

Type of FeeC$
Application Fee for one person155
Application Fee for group of 3465
Open work permit fee100
Restore status as a worker355

Canadian Visa – Study Permit Fees

Type of FeeC$
Permit application fee150
Restore status as a student350

Canadian Visa – Biometric Fees

The biometric fee is part of your visa cost. Costs of digital photo and fingerprint are covered under this. Apart from this, if you have submitted the visa at the Visa Application Center, the core service costs are included.

Type of FeeC$
Fee per person85
For a family of 2 or more170
For a group of 3 or more255

How to Pay Canada Visa Application Fees

In order to pay the fees, you need a valid email address, access to a printer and a credit or Canadian debit card. After the payment is done online, print the receipt. Make sure the barcode is visible. Remember that the only method of payment is online.

Also, buying travel medical insurance is highly recommended. It will protect you against unfortunate events such as flight cancellations and cover you for medical expenses while on the trip. Check out popular insurance plans like these and get one that suits you.

The visa fee is non-refundable, under all circumstances. In case of visa rejection, the fee needs to be paid one again when reapplying. There are no exemptions in such cases. If you are a visa exempt visitor, applying for a super visa, you are not required to make any payments.

The next step after payment of the fees is to submit all the documents at your nearest Canadian embassy.

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