Greece Visa
Greece Visa

How Much Will Greece Visit Visa Cost?

Here's how much a Greece visit visa will cost you.

The birthplace of the western civilization, Greece has much more to offer than the majestic ruins of the Ancient Greek civilization. This nation is also home to the beaches of Mykonos, the white and blue buildings of Santorini and the rugged mountains of Zagori. No wonder its tourism industry contributed almost €36.9 billion to Greece’s GDP in 2018, according to figures provided by Statista.

To travel to this unique country, you first need to apply for a Greece Schengen Visa. And, the first step in getting a visa is to fill the Schengen Visa Application Form. Along with the form, you would also have to pay the visa processing fee.

How much is Greece Visit Visa Fees

To get your application processed, you need to pay the visa fee. It is necessary to pay the fee prior to your visa interview, since you will need to provide the payment receipt at the interview. Here’s a look at the different visa fees for Greece:

Visa CategoryFee in EUR
Children between 6 to12 years35
Children below 6 yearsFree 
Diplomats and officers traveling for official purposesFree
Spouse or children of a Greek nationalFree

It is also important to remember that the visa application fee is non-refundable. In case your visa gets rejected and you wish to apply again, you will have to pay the fee once again.

Who is Exempted from Paying Greece Visit Visa Fee?

If you fall under any of the following categories, you are not required to pay the fee:

  • Spouse or children of an EU national, as long as they are traveling with the latter and can provide proof of sufficient finances.
  • Students traveling with their teachers, for the purposes of education or training.
  • Holders of diplomatic and official passports.
  • Researchers traveling to Greece for the purposes of conducting scientific research and study.
  • Members of non-profit organizations, traveling to Greece for the purposes of participating in a cultural event or a seminar. The participants must be less than 25 years of age. 

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What to Do After Paying the Visa Fee?

Once you have submitted the documents and paid the visa fee, you will need to schedule a visa interview appointment and attend it at the Greek embassy in your home country. At the interview, the consular officer will ask you a variety of questions to determine your eligibility to travel to Greece and verify the information provided in the form. The interview generally lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Also, buying travel medical insurance is highly recommended. It will protect you against unfortunate events such as flight cancellations and cover you for medical expenses while on the trip. Check out popular insurance plans like these and get one that suits you.

What if Greece Visit Visa Application is Rejected?

In case your visa application is rejected, you will be told the reason for rejection. When applying again, you must read the reason carefully so as to not repeat the same mistake. If you think the reason for rejection was not justified, you can appeal the rejection. 

Since you will have to pay the visa fee in your domestic currency, make sure to check the exchange rate before making the payment.

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