What Documents are Required for Canadian Visit Visa

Canada Visa

Tourist arrivals in Canada increased 19.1% in April 2019, from the March levels, with 13,62,962 people travelling to the country in April alone, according to statistics published by the Census and Economic Information Center.

What make this nation stand out as a tourist destination are its cities, like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, which are some of the best places in the world to live a quality life. Moreover, Canada is home to Niagara Falls, which has been called the 8th Wonder of the World, of late. These factors often put Canada on the top of every traveler’s bucket list.

To travel to Canada, the first thing you need to do is fill up the Canadian Visa Application Form online by creating an account. You can also submit the form at the Canadian embassy in your home country. Most travelers entering Canada require a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. The visa allows you stay in the country for up to six months.

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What Documents are Required for a Canadian Visa

  1. An Original Passport:
    You must possess a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of your visit and has at least two vacant pages for visa stamps.
  2. Photographs:
    Two recent passport sized photographs are required, meeting all the necessary parameters, such as dimensions of 35mm x 45mm and a neutral expression. You can check more details here.
  3. Cover Letter:
    An original cover letter is mandatory, covering all details of the applicant, such as name, designation, passport details, duration and purpose of travel and so on. If you are self-employed, the letter should be written on your company letter head. 
  4. Financial Proof:
    You need to provide proof that you are capable of funding all your expenses throughout your stay in Canada. Bank statements for the last 6 months will suffice, as well copies of credit and debit cards, fixed deposits, property papers, etc.
  5. Employment Proof:
    Salary slips, appointment letter or NOC from your employer is required. A letter, including your name, position, current salary, employer’s name, date of job commencement, address and contact number should be added. 
  6. Ticket Itinerary:
    Round trip flight tickets for onward and return journeys must be attached. 
  7. Identity Proof:
    Identity cards, such as driver’s license, senior citizen card and so on. Any one document including name, date of birth, photo and signature is sufficient.

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What to do after applying for Canadian Visa

If you are applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization, you are likely to receive the confirmation within a few minutes. Otherwise, the maximum you have to wait is 72 hours. For all other applications, you will be contacted through your account, which you will need to create on the Canadian visa website before filling up the application form.

Apart from these, you might need to provide your biometrics, depending on your nationality. You will need to make an appointment for this. If not, you can submit the documents at the embassy. Taking a prior appointment is always advisable, to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

In case your visa is refused, you can make an appeal within 30 days, at the maximum.

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