Sweden Visit Visa Application Process & Requirements

If you’re planning an adventure to the breathtaking landscapes of Sweden, the home of the Northern Lights and Midsummer celebrations, you’ve landed at the right place.

Today, we’ll navigate the complexities of the Sweden visit visa application process, unraveling every requirement and guideline along the way.

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Chapter 1: Do You Need a Visa?

Before delving into the process, it’s important to ascertain whether you need a visa to visit Sweden. Citizens of EU/EEA countries and several non-EU countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada, and Japan, are exempted from visa requirements for stays up to 90 days.

However, if you’re from a country outside the EU/EEA and the exemptions do not apply, you’ll need a Schengen visa to visit Sweden.

Check the official Swedish government website at www.government.se for a comprehensive list of countries whose citizens require a visa.

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Chapter 2: Understanding the Schengen Visa

Sweden, being part of the Schengen Area, grants Schengen visas for tourist visits.

This visa permits the holder to stay in the Schengen area, which includes Sweden, for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Keep in mind that the Schengen visa does not permit you to work in Sweden.

Chapter 3: Initiating the Application Process

3.1 Where to Apply

You must apply for your visa at the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country.

You can find the contact details of Swedish diplomatic missions abroad on the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website at www.swedenabroad.se.

3.2 The Application Form

The visa application form can be downloaded from the embassy or consulate’s website or obtained directly from the embassy or consulate.

Make sure to fill out the form correctly and completely.

Chapter 4: Gathering Required Documents

Applying for a Schengen visa to Sweden requires several documents:

  1. Visa Application Form: Complete this with accurate details.
  2. Valid Passport: It must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure from the Schengen area, with at least two blank pages.
  3. Passport-Sized Photos: Two recent photos taken within the last six months.
  4. Travel Itinerary: Evidence of your travel plans, including round-trip flight reservations.
  5. Proof of Accommodation: Confirm where you will be staying throughout your visit, whether it’s a hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from a host living in Sweden.
  6. Travel Insurance: This should cover at least EUR 30,000 for emergency medical expenses and repatriation.
  7. Proof of Financial Means: You need to demonstrate that you have enough funds to support your stay in Sweden.
  8. Visa Fee: This is generally EUR 80 for adults and EUR 40 for children aged 6-12.

Chapter 5: Submitting the Application

With all the necessary documents in hand, submit your application at the Swedish embassy or consulate.

The submission process typically involves booking an appointment online. During your appointment, you might be interviewed about your travel plans.

Fingerprints and a photograph will also be taken if you have not provided this data within the last 59 months.

Chapter 6: After the Application

6.1 Waiting for the Decision

The processing time for a Schengen visa to Sweden can take up to 15 days. However, in some cases, it can extend up to 30 or even 60 days, so plan ahead.

6.2 Picking Up Your Visa

Once the embassy or consulate has made a decision, you’ll be notified to come and pick up your passport.

If your application is accepted, your visa will be stamped in your passport.

Chapter 7: Essential Points to Note

7.1 Check Visa Validity

Once you receive your visa, check the validity dates. The “from…until” dates on your visa sticker represent the period within which you can travel, not the duration of stay.

7.2 Respect the Rules

Remember, having a visa doesn’t guarantee entry. The final decision is made by the border control authorities. Therefore, it’s important to respect the rules and regulations of the Schengen agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I extend my Schengen visa in Sweden?

Yes, it’s possible in certain circumstances, such as force majeure, serious personal reasons, or late entry. You must apply for this at the Swedish Migration Agency before your current visa expires.

Q2: Can I visit other countries with my Swedish Schengen visa?

Yes, you can visit other countries within the Schengen area with your Swedish Schengen visa as long as you follow the 90/180 rule.

Q3: Can I work in Sweden with a Schengen visa?

No, the Schengen visa is strictly for tourism and visiting purposes. If you want to work in Sweden, you need to apply for a work permit.

To wrap up, acquiring a Sweden visit visa might seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these steps, keep your documents in order, and plan ahead, you’ll be on your way to a successful application.

Remember, this guide is meant to simplify the process for you, but for the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official Swedish government sources.

Happy travels!

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