What Documents are Required for USA Visit Visa from Dubai

The number of foreigners visiting the United States of America is expected to shoot up to 89 million in 2022, from 78 million in 2018, say statistics published by Statista. In 2016, approximately 1.3 million visitors arrived from the Middle East alone. 

Stunning National Parks, iconic must-see cities, the Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, Grand Canyon and so many more classic destinations are the key factors behind the massive tourism figures to the US each year.

Passport holders of the UAE need to apply for a visa before travelling to USA. The first step in this process is filling up the DS-160 Form online. Apart from this, you will need to pay the visa fee and submit some essential documents.

Documents Required for US Visa from Dubai

The following documents are required to complete your visa application process from Dubai

  1. Confirmation Page:
    This is proof that you have successfully submitted the DS-16 form.
  2. Passport:
    Your passport, with six months validity from the intended date of return from USA. Also, make sure it has at least one blank page for the visa stamp. 
  3. Photograph:
    A recent, colored photograph, taken within the last six months. However, if you have already uploaded a photo with your form, you need not submit another one.
  4. US Visa Appointment Confirmation:
    Confirmation of the appointment to submit the documents, which you need to do in person.
  5. Receipt of Visa Fee Payment:
    This is generated when you pay the fee. 
  6. Previous Passport:
    If you have any old passport, you must bring them all. 
  7. Criminal Record Proof:
    A certificate from the police of your country, stating that you have never been arrested, convicted or even warned.
  8. Deported Documents:
    If you have ever been forbidden from entering the US, you will need to submit the relevant documents that explain the reason for deportation.
  9. Cover Letter:
    This letter explains the purpose of your travel. It could be work, business, pleasure, etc.
  10. Proof of Financial Status:
    This must show that you have enough funds to finance your entire stay in America. This could be in the form of bank statements, cash or card balance.
  11. Status of Relatives:
    If you are visiting friends and/or family in the US, their residence status is required. 
  12. Medical Reports:
    In case you are visiting the country for medical treatments, all relevant documents, including medical reports and acceptance for treatment by a US medical institution must be presented.

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How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa from Dubai

The first and foremost step is to determine which visa you should apply for. Depending on the purpose of your visit, multiple types of visas are available. Selecting the right visa is crucial, otherwise there are chances of your visa application getting rejected. 

Follow these simple steps to apply for the visa:

  1. Find your nearest US consulate in Dubai. 
  2. Complete the visa application form with accurate and complete data. 
  3. Pay the visa fee and keep the receipt safe. 
  4. Schedule a US visa appointment in Dubai. 
  5. Gather all the documents mentioned above. 
  6. Bring all the documents and attend the visa interview. 

The maximum time taken to process the visa is 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of applications received by the consulate at that time. In case your visa is rejected, you can re-apply with proof that the previous reasons for rejections have been taken care of.

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