10 Best Countries to Visit in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe, an unexplored treasure trove of history, culture, and gastronomic delights, is waiting for your footprints.

Let’s take a magical mystery tour through the top 10 countries that you absolutely must visit in Eastern Europe.

1. Croatia

The gem of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia offers a dazzling mix of ancient history and contemporary charm.

With its crystal-clear waters, sprawling national parks, and enchanting medieval cities like Dubrovnik, Croatia is an irresistible destination.

What’s good: The stunning coastline, delicious seafood, and warm locals.
Concerns: Summer can be crowded, especially in popular tourist spots.

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2. Czech Republic

Imagine fairy-tale towns, grand castles, and vibrant beer culture. That’s the Czech Republic for you.

Don’t miss the magical city of Prague and the charming town of Český Krumlov.

What’s good: Great architecture, rich history, and world-class beer.
Concerns: It can be overrun by tourists during peak seasons.

3. Romania

Rich in folklore and natural beauty, Romania offers breathtaking landscapes, from the Transylvanian Alps to the Danube Delta.

Plus, the spooky allure of Dracula’s castle in Bran.

What’s good: The unspoiled nature, fascinating history, and welcoming locals.
Concerns: Public transportation might not be the most reliable.

4. Poland

From the historic city of Kraków and the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau to the stunning Tatra mountains, Poland is a journey through history and natural beauty.

What’s good: Diverse cultural experiences, beautiful landscapes, and hearty cuisine.
Concerns: Winters can be harsh, especially in the mountainous regions.

5. Hungary

Hungary offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western Europe.

Budapest, with its charming Danube riverfront and thermal baths, is a must-visit.

What’s good: Stunning architecture, thermal spas, and delicious Hungarian goulash.
Concerns: Language barrier could be an issue as Hungarian is quite unique.

6. Bulgaria

Bulgaria, with its rich history, sandy beaches, and mouthwatering cuisine, is a hidden gem. Visit Sofia, Plovdiv, and the stunning Rila Monastery.

What’s good: Affordable travel, great food, and diverse landscapes.
Concerns: Not as tourist-friendly as some other European countries.

7. Estonia

Estonia is a sweet mix of medieval charm and digital modernity. The well-preserved old town of Tallinn is like stepping back in time.

What’s good: Historic sites, modern amenities, and a beautiful Baltic coastline.
Concerns: Cold and dark winters.

8. Ukraine

From the cultural heart of Kyiv to the charming streets of Lviv and the scenic Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine is a country of vibrant diversity.

What’s good: Rich history, diverse culture, and very affordable.
Concerns: Some parts of the country can be unstable due to political reasons.

9. Lithuania

With its historic old towns, beautiful countryside, and quirky capital Vilnius, Lithuania is a charming Baltic destination.

What’s good: Lovely architecture, welcoming locals, and unique Baltic culture.
Concerns: Cold and damp weather for much of the year.

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10. Slovakia

Often overshadowed by its neighbors, Slovakia is a hidden gem. From its capital Bratislava to the stunning High Tatras mountains, Slovakia will surprise you.

What’s good: Great hiking, historic sites, and less crowded tourist spots.
Concerns: Public transportation outside of cities can be less frequent.

Eastern Europe, with its blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural diversity, offers experiences that are unique and unforgettable.

So why wait?

Pack your bags, pick a destination, and get ready to explore!

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