What are the Different Types of Canadian Visas

Canada is a unique travel destination, offering a wide variety of tourism options, including cultural, culinary, sports, experimental, and so on. River rafting, live theater, multicultural cities, spectacular mountains, glaciers, and lakes – Canada has them all.

The first step to visiting this beautiful nation is to apply for a visa by filling up the Canadian Visa Application Form. However, before this, you need to choose the type of visa that is most suitable for the purpose of your visit. 

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Types of Canadian Temporary Visas

Each visa category is meant for a different purpose of travel. Here’s a look at the various categories and what each is meant for:

  1. Canadian Tourist Visa:
    You can visit Canada for the purposes of tourism and leisure with this visa.
  2. Canadian Super Visa:
    This allows parents and grandparents to visit their children and grandchildren, who are permanent residents of Canada. This visa can also be used for an extended stay.
  3. Diplomatic and Official Visa:
    This type of visa allows government officials and delegates to enter Canada to carry out official duties and responsibilities.
  4. Courtesy Visa:
    This is issued to those who are not eligible for Diplomatic and Official visas but are important in terms of their ranks and designation. This includes diplomats or trade mission members with tourist interests.
  5. Business Delegation Visa:
    This is applicable for both single and group entries. With this visa, you can conduct business, attend meetings and workshops, conferences and so on. 
  6. Visa to Give Birth:
    If you are eligible to stay in Canada for a temporary period of time and wish to give birth to your child, this visa is required. Also, all babies born in Canada automatically become Canadian citizens. 
  7. Intending Organ Donor Visa:
    This visa is issued to all those who are traveling to Canada for the purposes of donating an organ to a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
  8. Facilitation Visa:
    If you are a citizen with dual nationality but for certain reasons do not possess a Canadian passport, you will be issued this visa. This is usually stamped on the regular visa because getting a Canadian passport was difficult for you.
  9. Student Visa:
    This is issued to those who have been accepted by a state university for an educational program. The duration of this visa is six months.
  10. Work Visa:
    If you have a valid job offer in Canada for six months, you qualify for this visa. 
  11. Working Holiday Visa:
    This is issued to young people from 30 different countries. It allows them to work and travel in Canada.
  12. Temporary Residence Permit:
    This is meant for those who wish to visit Canada for various purposes but are not eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa. This is for short trips of, say, two weeks.

Once you are sure of the visa category applicable to the purpose of your visit, check for the eligibility criteria by filling out an online questionnaire on the official website of the Canadian government.

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