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What is a Visa

A visa is a temporary entry permit into a foreign nation. You must apply for a visa in advance, either at an embassy or online.

A visa on arrival is sometimes possible. These are stamped into your passport and specify your stay length in the country.

Most governments require visas for foreign nationals to prevent unlawful immigration to their country.

Types of Visas

Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are different types of visas.

  1. Tourist visas
    Tourist visas are entry permits for leisure travel to a country. They are short-term, of three to six months, and you are not authorized to work with this type of visa.
  2. Transit visas
    A transit visa permits you to travel from one country to another. Transit visas are issued for very short periods of time, usually hours or days. For example, an Indian citizen traveling to Canada who has a stopover in a Schengen nation would need a Schengen transit visa.
  3. Medical visas
    Medical visas are given to get medical treatment for a short time period in a foreign country. It is valid for the medical treatment and patient recuperation time only. To be eligible for a medical visa, you must show confirmation from your Doctor that you have located a hospital and Doctor in your destination country who will conduct the needed treatment.
  4. Student visas
    Student visas are provided for educational purposes and are typically valid for one year. So, depending on your degree, your student visa might extend from one to four years.
  5. Work visas
    If you find work abroad, you must get a work visa. Work visas are normally provided for one to four years, however, this depends on your employment contract. In most situations, your working visa leads to a permanent residency permit.
  6. Investor visas
    An investor visa is issued to those who want to live in a different country than theirs and want to make a large financial investment in that country.

In certain countries, buying real estate qualifies for a visa.


Electronic travel authorizations or eVisas are required for nations that do not require a visa. They are simply purchased online for a little price and are good for years.

Examples of electronic travel authorizations include eT (Canada), ETA (Australia), ESA (United States), ETA (European Union).
Electronic travel authorizations are not visas and are used to track who enters and exits a nation electronically. As a result, applications are unlikely to be denied.

Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are short-term entry permits provided to those who desire to holiday in another country. These visas are only valid for a short time and do not allow foreign visitors to do business or work during that time.

Online Visa Application

Visa applications can be done in two ways. Thorugh a countries consulate and also can be obtained online. Electronic (online) visas are often printed and not put into your passport.

Visa on Arrival

A “Visa on Arrival” is when a visa can be obtained at the airport or other entry point of the destination country with or without prior application. In certain circumstances, there will be visa counters at the entrance point where you must apply, pay a fee, and wait for a decision. Depending on the nation, it may take minutes or hours.

Visa Denials

Visa applications get denied because of various reasons including inadequate information supplied or wrong details provided within the application. Here are some of the most common reasons for visa denial:

Validity of passport – Most nations require a passport valid for three or six months. Depending on your vacation destination, this time may begin upon arrival or departure.

No passport pages – The needed amount of blank pages in your passport varies by the nation but is normally two to four. Blank pages are necessary for passport and visa stamping.

Vaccination needs – Several African nations require international immunization proof to obtain a visa.

Felony record – With a criminal past, getting a visa is nearly hard; just a few countries, including the US and Canada, would waive your criminal record.

No travel – Any government can proclaim someone “persona non grata.” As a result, non-diplomats and diplomats alike will be denied entry.

Insufficient health insurance – Many nations require all tourists to obtain travel health insurance.

Visa-free Travel

Not everyone needs a visa to travel to a country. For short visits, several nations have visa waiver arrangements that allow people of designated countries to enter visa-free.

Western passport holders (US, Australia, Canada, EU) may visit most countries without a visa. Visa-free travel is limited to a few days to a few months though.

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